Hi, my name is Pavles Goran. I was born in 1984 in Croatia, and have lived for 15 years in Switzerland. I learned working with 3D and 2D programms beside my work. I wasn't satisfied with the acctual work I was educated in. So I stared doing what i was interested in. You can see some Results of my passion in this Portfolio.

My Hobbies:
My biggest hobby at the moment is CG. I can't go sleeping without having something done on my PC :oD.
To balance the long times sitting on a chair, I like to do Sport. I have been Skateboarding for 10 years. Now i like to go Skateboaring on warm days.
For about a half a year, i have loved to do Parcours. Jump and run and try to develop a own style by overcimng the obstacles.
In winter I love to go Snowboarding. There is less in world, which gives me more than go in the powder, build up a kicker, and fly into the sunshine :oD

Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I hope you'll enjoy what you see.